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Know Your Manager

At Affiliate Management Solutions, you will never speak to a sales person and then have your program handed off to a random, less-experienced affiliate manager. Talk to the person who is going to manage your program from day one. Your dedicated affiliate program manager will be with you every step of the way.


Hiring an independent affiliate manager, on average, costs less than half of hiring in-house affiliate manager. Since Affiliate Management Solutions works under a contract, no need to pay taxes or benefits either. Though we have more experience than most people in the affiliate industry, we price our services extremely competitively, so you get expertise management at a very competitive rate. ​


We specialize in optimizing and positioning your program so you will attain the highest results. With some clients realizing 200%+ year over year growth, after we have employed our cocktail of top tier affiliate marketing strategies, we are confident you will be happy with our personalized affiliate management. It doesn't matter if your program is brand new, in need of rescue, or already positioned to be successful, our team can bring it to a higher level, so you enjoy optimal results.

Some Of The Programs We Have Managed