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3D Ultrasound Hamilton Baby Gender Determination Special Deal!

March 9, 2018

                             3D Ultrasound Hamilton Baby Gender Determination Special Deal  !        Ph.#(905) 337-9555

3D Ultrasound is one of the most reliable ways to get an accurate baby gender assessment. 3D Baby Vision Hamilton, near Oakville  is a 3d Ultrasound center that offers parents to be the opportunity to view their baby and find out their baby's  gender using the most sophisticated 3D/4D Ultrasound technology. 3D images are obtained by  skilled and licensed Ultrasonographers who use GE "state-of -the -art" machine in a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Our licensed ultrasonographers have many years of experience in 2d and 3d ultrasound scanning. This ensures not only professional operating standards, but also optimal 3d ultrasound imaging of your baby in an efficient and timely manner. In order to obtain the best results when going for a 3D Ultrasound Hamilton Gender Special Deal we suggest that you be at least 18 weeks pregnant. You will also need to have done the 18-20 week diagnostic  Ultrasound through a physician or midwife and have followed up with them before you visit us. The Regular pricing of The Baby Gender determination in 3D Ultrasound Hamilton is $99. However, every Thursday  at our 3d ultrasound Oakville and every Wednesday at our 3D ultrasound Mississauga location you can find out the gender of your baby with our 3D Ultrasound Hamilton Gender Special Deal for only $79.