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3D Ultrasound Burlington SPECIALS!

April 27, 2017

3D BabyVision - 3D Ultrasound Burlington SPECIAL DEALS!

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3D BabyVision - 3D Ultrasound Burlington and area guarantees to provide an unforgettable and truly amazing, bonding 3D Ultrasound experience for the expecting parents and the entire family!
Our fully certified, knowledgeable, and experienced staff welcomes you into a family friendly state of the art facility specializing in capturing your Baby's first moments.  You will be able to truly see what your baby is going to look like before he or she is even born! 

We have a special on Thursday to determine the gender of the baby for only $79.00! 

It includes: 

• A 10 minute ultrasound session 
• Gender assessment 
• Listening to the baby's heartbeat 
• One printed 4x6 photo (of the lower body) printed here at our studio to show your family and friends 

We also have a special on Tuesday for our 3D/4D Ultrasound Package for a low price of only $129.00! 

It includes: 

• A 20 minute ultrasound session with our experienced technician 
• An optional DVD recording of the entire live ultrasound session 
• a CD full of your baby's ultrasound pictures (3D/4D shots) 
• Optional gender assessment 
• Listening to the baby's heartbeat 
• Two printed 4x6 3D photos printed at our studio to take home with you 

You can now also take advantage of our ULTIMATE PACKAGE (Includes 2 visits at two different stages of the developing baby ) for only $169!

The Ultimate Package combines our gender assessment package and our 3D/4D package into one price! You pay once, you come two times! 

We also offer additional packages called Premium and Elite. 

If your baby is hiding during the session, we will always rebook you for a second time for FREE! 

We also provide photography sessions when your baby is born! All of our customers receive $100 Gift Certificate that they can use towards the purchase of a newborn photography session!!! 
Please call us at (905) 337-9555 for more information about all our packages. 

Proudly serving the following locations: 

3D Ultrasound Mississauga 
3D Ultrasound Brampton 
3D Ultrasound Etobicoke 
3D Ultrasound Toronto 
3D Ultrasound Oakville 
3D Ultrasound Milton 
3D Ultrasound Georgetown 
3D Ultrasound Hamilton 
3D Ultrasound Burlington