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3D BabyVision- 3D Ultrasound Oakville/Milton/Burlington WEEKDAY SPECIALS!!!

September 25, 2015


3D BabyVision – 3D Ultrasound Oakville

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3D BabyVision – 3D Ultrasound Hamilton is a 3D ultrasound studio conveniently located in Oakville and also serving the surrounding areas of Hamilton, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Brampton and Etobicoke and Toronto.


Take advantage of our WEEKDAY SPECIALS:


$125 for our 3D Ultrasound Package!


$75 for our 3D Gender Assessment Package!


We Include:


-State of the Art ultrasound


-equipment GE 730Voluson Expert


-Licensed/certified sonographers


-Gender determination at 18 weeks +


-1080 p HD big TV to view the developing baby


-If your baby is not cooperating during the 3D session, 3D BabVision 3D Ultrasound Oakville will rebook your next session at NO EXTRA COST


-We have free parking for you and your friends


Visit our website: or give us a call at (905) 337-9555

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