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3D BabyVision 3D Ultrasound Etobicoke

June 8, 2018
At 3D BabyVision 3D Ultrasound Toronto, you'll be able to watch the 3D/4D baby scan live, while simultaneously hearing lucid sounds of your unborn baby's heartbeat.Our technician is fervently experienced in providing 3D/4D/2D images for over 20 years!   
Why Choose 3D BabyVision-3D Ultrasound Clinic in Toronto? 
-state of the art ultrasound machines from GE 
-50% of our clients come from customer referrals 
-we have proudly scanned over 50000 babies since 2005 
-Family and friends, including children are welcomed and encouraged to attend all sessions 
Take advantage of our WEEKDAY SPECIALS:   
$129 for our 3D Ultrasound Package! (FRIDAY SPECIAL) 
$79 for our 3D Gender Assessment Package! (WEDNESDAY SPECIAL) 
We Include:   
-State of the Art ultrasound 
-equipment GE 730Voluson Expert 
-Licensed/certified sonographers 
-Gender determination at 18 weeks + 
-1080 p HD big TV to view the baby  
-If your baby is not cooperating during the 3D session, 3D BabyVision 3D Ultrasound Toronto will rebook your next session at NO EXTRA COST    Visit our website: or give us a call at (905) 337-9555 Thank you for making 3D BabyVision the BEST 3Dultrasound clinic in Toronto !!! 3D Ultrasound Etobicoke 3D Ultrasound Milton 3D Ultrasound Oakville 3D Ultrasound Mississauga 3D Ultrasound Toronto 3D Ultrasound Oakville